Take Over Payments


Our take over payments program includes a solution where the existing financing on the home remains in place.¬†We transfer ownership of the home into our control, and ‚Äútake over‚ÄĚ these payments on a monthly basis on behalf of the seller.¬†The maintenance, repairs, and property management of the home are all handled by our company.¬†This program normally involves ‚Äúpretty‚ÄĚ houses with attractive existing financing, which need little to no repair. ¬†If the mortgage payments are low,¬†we can structure the deal to allow¬†more money from a tenant buyer than we must pay on the underlying mortgage in order to generate a profit.¬†Advantages to the seller include a very quick closing (limited only by the speed of the attorney), along with debt relief.¬†¬† For the seller, He/She must (1) be able to sleep at night¬†knowing that our company¬†must pay the mortgage(s) every month on-time, and (2) the possibility that the bank could exercise the ‚Äúdue on sale‚ÄĚ clause.¬†Call today to discuss these risks vs. rewards in selling your home in days.


*Note ‚Äď All transactions in our programs are closed by an attorney.¬†We believe it is in the best interest of the seller and shows our commitment and dedication to handling real estate solutions legally and effectively.